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March 05, 2005

Roster page has been updated. Blackhawks profile was added, age fix on Belials profile, and Padapownz moved to inactive.


March 03, 2005

v O Spawn watched the OA vs Empire demo and made a few clips highlighting the only odd things he saw in the match, and of course they all involved Sonic. He was some how pulling us through him whenever we were near and about to strike him. Anyways, see for yourself and be the judge. You can find the clips in the download section.

Thanks again to Spawn.


March 01, 2005

The website is back and running. It turns out that someone got a hold of our password, uploaded some images, and leeched our badwidth. The password has been changed, and I'm going to put on an anti-badwidth script.

Clanmatches page was also updated. A 3v3 with OA was definitely alot of fun. Although there was something screwy going on with Sonic and his ability to freeze everyone on the screen. I'll post the demo soon and let you be the judge. Nonetheless, they played a good game and it was fun, definitely expect a rematch in the future, few clans are worthy of such. Check the clanmatch page for screenshot and score.


February 03, 2005

Updated the Roster page. Welcome Blackhawk and Mordokhan back to the clan! They've been inactive for some time, but are back to uphold the Empire flag.

New wallpaper curteousy of KnightSolo added in the download page.


Janurary 12, 2005

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I completely revamped the original galleries so they are more in sync with the website, and I also made the screenshots a larger resolution then the smaller ones from before. I've finally added the miscellanous gallery as well.

Two demos of Belial fighting a european player named Fatal were added, along with a short WMV movie of him in an FFA.


Janurary 05, 2005

I have for you today a movie by yours truly. I did this last night with Wiked~Clown, mostly just experimenting with creating videos. It turned out really well in my opinion, and the quality looks very good at 30 FPS, alot better than your average game video. This is basically just a teaser of whats to come in the official Empire movie, which will be compiled of all of Empire.

The miscellanous screenshot gallery is still in the works, along with a revamp of the current galleries. I plan to make the screenshots larger resolution, and less buggy, better looking galleries for the current ones.

And without futher adue I present to you Geo's debut movie, The Wrath of a Sith


Janurary 04, 2005

New profiles added: Maul, Geo's alternate profile, Kenobi, Luke, Krassk, Retard Beater, MyUnit, and Onyx's. Miscellanous screenshot gallery coming soon.


Janurary 02, 2005

Happy New Years everyone! I've got a few more updates to bring you. Hasukii, Winchu, and Cain player profiles have been added. I also added another Screenshot gallery, which right now is just shots from a match against HMC but more will be added later. The content will keep coming, check back again for more updates!


December 31, 2004

The site is now being hosted by Makaveli's 200 megabyte account and now with the domain www.jerryleelewis-spain.com! This will provide plenty of space for downloads, which the download page is now up to date. The wallpapers were made by a European player named Pshyco. I'll be uploading some demos and a movie of Belial soon as well.

I added 3 new profiles, Mani, A-Dogg, and 7Up to the Roster page. I also added old EoS matches to the Screenshot page so check all of that out.

Alot more content to come...


December 31, 2004

Since site has been down there has been three recruits in recent time. Welcome players Hasukii, Makaveli, and Padapwnz to Empire! All three are good players and I know are fine additions to the clan.


December 29, 2004

Empire website has returned at last. Wiked Clown of iP clan is hosting the site for us temporarily until Makaveli gets new webspace. I dug up the old template that we used for the last site and sticking with it. The forum that we're using is likely to change again within the next few days. The roster page is completely up to date with a few profiles in there. I'm going to work on getting every active member in the clan a profile. Alot more site improvements are to come and I will be changing alot of the content. Things to look for in the future are:
  • Screenshots
  • Empire map
  • Player profiles
  • Forum adjustments
  • Server information
  • More downloads (Skins, movies, demos)


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